Developer of Auto Repair
Management Software

About Us, Inc. is the developer of the Auto Repair Manager (“ARM”)TM
software for the auto repair and maintenance industry

ARM are shop management programs that allow a business owner to:

  • Generate professional invoices.
  • Track customer history.
  • Generate valuable management and accounting reports.
  • Market their business to their customers via the internet and conventional mail.
  • Benefit from great internal controls designed to detect and limit employee related losses for those business owners who cannot be on-site all of the time, and
  • Take advantage of many more features of ARM & URM in operating their businesses., Inc. was formed by experienced consultants in the auto repair industry who, after trying to obtain shop management software for their clients’ auto repair businesses, realized that there was no software available for purchase which met their specific requirements, and they therefore hired a programmer to work with them to develop custom-designed software for their locations.

After testing the software at their locations, they offered it to several other operators who then referred it by word of mouth. The software was then made available to others for a monthly fee with no long term contracts and no hardware sales. This concept was retained and through this date, the company does not sell hardware to its customers and does not require long term contracts.

After the Auto Repair Manager was fully developed, the concept was designed to become applicable to other small businesses and this gave birth to the Universal Retail Manager. Both these software products have become very popular in their respective markets and the company continues to enhance these two products on a regular basis.

As none of USSI’s clients are on a long term contract, all of the software updates are provided at no charge. Our belief is that no customer should be forced to use our software just because they signed a long term contract with us. This is why we provide a month to month contract with no large up-front fees. We neither provide nor charge for custom hardware that only works on our software.

Statement from USSI Management

After experimenting with numerous point of sale software packages designed for the auto repair and maintenance industry, we were extremely disappointed in that the existing software packages were too difficult for technicians to use and did not provide the reports and protection of finalized invoices that are necessary for owners of businesses in this industry to operate successfully.

We therefore decided to form a team to develop software for our clients at that time which would be practical, user-friendly, and have the ability to generate proper management reports.

We are proud to state that after developing and testing the Auto Repair Manager (“ARM”) for several years, we introduced it to our clients and then to other independent auto repair shop owners who learned of the software through the word of mouth. We are pleased to state that the only customers we have ever lost are those that closed their businesses for various reasons and that we have never lost an existing customer to another software provider.

We have been approved as the sole supplier to certain major franchise chains who were so pleased with the software that they actually made the monthly payments to us and provided it to their franchisees.

We continue to enhance the software
and all updates are provided at no
extra charge to our customers.

Hanif Hirji, President


Management of, Inc.

Hanif Hirji

B.S. in Accounting and Masters in Business Taxation from USC. JD from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.

Matthew Salehpour
Vice President

B.S. in computer

David Flader
Vice President

B.S. in Accounting and Masters in Business Taxation from USC. JD from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles.