Developer of Auto Repair
Management Software.

About Us, Inc. was founded by a group of experienced consultants in the auto repair industry.

While looking for a comprehensive shop management software for their clients’ auto repair businesses, the founding team realized that none of the existing auto repair shop software solutions met their requirements. This led to the creation of Auto Repair Manager© (“ARM”)™, a proprietary auto repair shop management software for the auto repair and maintenance industry.

ARM is a point-of-sale auto shop software that allows business owners to:

  • Generate professional invoices.
  • Track customer order history.
  • Perform comprehensive digital Inspections of vehicles.
  • Generate valuable management, marketing and accounting reports.
  • Market and grow their business.
  • Detect and limit employee related losses for business owners who aren't on-site and more, just a few clicks away from the automotive repair software.

Top Reasons To Choose Us

  • Affordable monthly fee.
  • No large up-front fees.
  • No long-term contracts.
  • No hardware requirements.
  • Software updates provided free of charge.
  • Worry-free backups.
  • Highest level of security.
  • Credit card processing at affordable rates.
  • Recommended by industry veterans.
  • Approved as the sole supplier to various major franchise chains.

Over the years we have introduced Auto Repair Manager© (“ARM”) to large clients and independent auto repair shop owners who were looking for a reliablecar repair shop management software. We are proud to state that we have never lost a customer to another auto shop manager software provider.