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Auto Repair Manager Software Overview

The Auto Repair Manager software (“ARM”) is the premier point of sale and management software designed specifically for the auto repair and maintenance industry.

ARM allows fast lubes, brake shops, and general auto repair shop owners to store their data on their business computers as well as on a secure web server which they can access from a remote computer. You do not need to buy any hardware from us. You do not need to pay any large fees up front to us. You do not need to execute any long term contract with us and can sign up for month to month service. ARM provides multi-level password protection to provide a high level of security for various tasks such as voiding an invoice or printing sensitive management reports.

As a customer that uses the Auto Repair Manager software, you are automatically entitled to get the national pricing we have obtained from various marketing suppliers such as Valassis, Valpak, and MoneyMailer that can save you thousands each month in marketing costs and thus your monthly cost of the software is paid back to you more than ten times over. We also have natiional pricing with parts suppliers such as AutoZone that will give you the most aggressive price structure known as Diamond Pricing and give you rebates on your purchasing, which will again pay you back the monthly cost of the software 10 times over. THEREFORE, OUR SOFTWARE IS CHEAPER THAN FREE. It actually provides you benefits that will pay you back more than 20 times what you pay each month in savings with marketing and parts suppliers.


Why, Inc.?

Everything you’d want your auto repair software to be

Simple | Affordable | reliable


Fastest and most practical way to write up and cash out your customers.


Most efficient way to enter all your business expenses.

Fleet Accounts
Fleet Accounts

Keep track of all of your fleet customers.

Vendor Maintenance
Vendor Maintenance

Quick access to all your vendors.


Quickly generate orders for any vendor based on existing stock inventory.


Reports to assist you in which areas around your location to focus your advertising funds.

More Features
Auto Repair Management Software

Save time, increase productivity, and improve customer service with our Auto Repair Management Software.


You lease the software from us. You are not required to purchase expensive hardware from us. You are not required to pay a large software fee up front. You are not required to sign a long term contract with us. It is our belief that we must earn your business every day which is why you have the right to terminate your usage of our software at any time you are not satisfied with its features and benefits.

The software screens are designed to reflect actual work orders that your mechanics are familiar with. The software reminds your employees to comply with various industry requirements such as recording brake drum & rotor measurements, part numbers for each part, odometer readings, etc.

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