Software Overview

Auto Repair Manager© (ARM), an innovative auto repair software system, is exclusively created to assist the auto maintenance industry. This automotive repair software handles the point-of-sale and management requirements of automotive businesses, making it the top choice for automotive repair businesses.

ARM is the ideal software for auto repair businesses. Owners of fast lube businesses, brake shops, and general repair automotive businesses can store their data on their business computers as well as on a secure web server through ARM, enabling remote access from anywhere.

ARM doesn’t require you to purchase any hardware or pay any large up-front fees, nor will you be asked to commit to a long-term contract. Instead, our customers can sign up for our auto repair shop management software on a month-to-month basis. Additionally, ARM offers multi-level password protection to ensure high-level security for tasks like voiding an invoice or printing sensitive management reports.

As a customer of this auto repair shop software, you are entitled to the national pricing the company has secured from various marketing suppliers such as Valassis, Valpak, and MoneyMailer. The exclusive pricing of this garage repair software can potentially save you thousands of dollars every month in marketing costs. By taking advantage of these savings, you can expect your monthly cost of the software to be paid back to you many times over.

Auto Repair Management Software

ARM also offers national pricing with parts suppliers such as AutoZone, whose Diamond Pricing’s aggressive price structure will provide you with rebates on your purchases, which will also cover the software’s monthly cost several times over. The ARM car repair shop management software not only pays for itself, it offers benefits that will pay you back many times more than your monthly marketing and part supplier costs.

Why Auto Repair Manager©?


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