Auto Repair Estimate Software

Create estimates and get them approved by your customers faster and from anywhere using the best auto repair estimate software.

  • Simple and modern design for user-friendly estimate creation.
  • Built-in tasks and pricing for faster estimate creation.
  • License plate and VIN scanning technology that automatically imports data on vehicles.
  • Easy access to labor and parts guides.
  • Built-in communication platform to text and email estimates quickly.
  • Request service authorization from customers via an e-signature tool.
  • E-signature based digital authorization of estimates by customers (maximum convenience).
  • Option to store signed estimates all in one place (lower risk of disputes).
Auto Repair Estimate Software
  • Audit trail with history of customer authorizations, completed services, communication and more.
  • Option to add recommended services and increase the potential total sale value.
  • Real time projected profitability tracking upon estimate creation.
  • Automated mark-up on parts and labor to protect your profitability margins.

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