Auto Repair Invoice Software

Smart Invoice Module generates digital invoices and inspection forms on the auto repair invoice software.

Auto Repair Invoice Software
  • A quick, practical way to write up and cash out customers. Send instant digital invoices via text or email.
  • Automate your business transaction flow and keep your books accurate and always up-to-date.
  • Create digital purchase orders for procurement of parts and get inventory data in a snap.
  • Assess business profitability by customer, labor, repair jobs, and parts.
  • Powerful permissions defined by role for loss-prevention, designed for owners with one or multiple shop locations.
  • Easy customization options to quickly create your own service packages and select services.
  • Option to enter recommendations for each invoice and use them for marketing or customer history look up.
  • Ability to record the most specific repair related details.
  • Automatic activity log created on customer invoices; exclusively viewable by the owner. The owner can clear these logs at any time.
  • Includes oil capacities, viscosities and cautionary notes for vehicles from the 1980’s to the most recent car makes and models.
  • Advanced search functionalities to locate any customer, filtered by multiple criteria.
  • Built-in credit card processing with competitive rates for secure processing of credit card or debit card transactions.
  • Single license to view and update invoices on unlimited PCs in your location.
  • 20+ end-to-end reports on invoices and sales to obtain an estimated profit or loss statement in seconds.
  • Easy access to customer history, enabling you to view past invoice records at any time.
  • Seamlessly schedule vehicle pickups while sending invoices to customers from the auto repair billing software.

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