Here are the top 10 reasons to work with Auto Repair Manager© from UnivSoftware

  • 1. We Are Affordable
    Unlike many other auto repair software service providers, we do not charge any large up-front fees. We offer our services at an affordable monthly fee and ensure our services are accessible to all.
  • 2. We Are Experienced
    Our automotive repair software has been developed not just by programmers, but by individuals with 100+ years of combined automotive industry experience. We have over 20 years of experience working with some of the largest auto repair shops and franchises.
  • 3. We Don’t Believe In Long Term Contracts
    You can use our software as long as you are satisfied and cancel at any time - that means no long-term commitments.
  • 4. We Have No Hardware Requirements
    We believe that any software for auto repair shops should be convenient and easy to use. The software installation is all you need.
  • 5. We Offer Free Of Charge Software Updates & Support
    Once you become our customer, we take care of you by updating the software as necessary without any additional costs. We also offer tech support any time you need it.
  • 6. We Give You Worry-Free Backups
    Never worry about losing important business data. The auto repair shop management system runs automatic backups periodically to secure the information stored on the software.
  • 7. We Promise the Highest Level Of Security
    We understand the importance of keeping your financial information and other customer data private. With role assignment, only the business owner has access to the most sensitive information. Our cloud based auto repair software has been rigorously tested to maintain the highest safety levels and has customizable features to prevent business losses.
  • 8. We Provide Credit Card Processing At Affordable Rates
    Conduct transactions effortlessly with built-in credit card processing at reasonable rates that work for your business.
  • 9. We Are Recommended by Industry Veterans
    Our auto repair shop point of sale software has been trusted by thousands of clients across the globe, so you know you are partnering with experts.
  • 10. We Are The Sole Supplier To Various Major Franchise Chains
    Many leading auto brands trust us for our software services and have been working solely with us for several years.

Software that Pays for itself Many Times Over

How do we do it? Here’s how.

By using Auto Repair Manager© Software, you can take advantage of our national pricing agreements with top marketing suppliers like Valassis, Valpak, and MoneyMailer. The exclusive pricing can potentially save you thousands of dollars every month in marketing costs. By taking advantage of these savings, you can expect your monthly cost of the software to be paid back to you many times over.

In addition to marketing suppliers, we have also established national pricing agreements with parts suppliers like AutoZone. With Diamond Pricing and rebates on your purchases, these agreements can also help you save significantly, paying back the monthly cost of the software ten times over.

Paperless Operations

Vehicle Inspection forms are now paperless with the cloud based auto repair software, making the entire process of report submission and payments quick and easy. With digital, paperless inspection and invoices, owners and employees can save space, time, and money, increase efficiency and spend more time on revenue generation.

Auto Repair Software with Paperless Operations
  • Digital inspection forms with easy images and video addition as evidential support for identified areas for repair.
  • Digital images and videos to elaborate on the significance of the repair
  • Digital estimating and invoicing for each repair task
  • E-send digital vehicle inspections to customers via email or SMS and get instant approval
  • Easy modification of digital inspection form as per evolving business demands
  • Resolve clients’ back dated queries in a few clicks with easy access to historical inspection records and proofs.
  • Option to request e-signatures, thus eliminating office clutter and enabling quicker lookups of signed approvals.