Software for the auto repair and maintenance industry.

Cloud-Based Auto Repair Software Features

Auto Repair Manager© (“ARM”) is the premier point of sale and management
software designed specifically for the auto repair and maintenance industry.

  • Unlike most shop management programs available in the market today, our software was designed and developed not merely by programmers, but by individuals with over 100 years of combined experience in the automotive industry.
  • Our software has been operating in numerous auto repair stores, including large franchise chains, for over 20 years and is the simplest and fastest system for writing up customers and generating invoices.
  • Repeat customers can be issued an estimate in less than a minute.
  • We do not require any long term contracts or a large up-front investment. All you pay is the monthly fee and you can cancel at any time you no longer wish to use the software. We are proud to state that we have never lost a customer unless that customer closed the business.
  • Highest level of security ensures that only you and your authorized personnel have access to your valuable customer information. Role assignment ensures that only the business owner has access to the most sensitive information. With over 100 years of combined experience in the automotive industry we have designed our program to protect shop owners with single or multiple locations from losses. For example, all of our competitors’ software allows a dishonest employee to change the date of the computer, and thus the date of the invoice, to a future date so that the sales from that invoice is not counted in your daily sales today, and the money can be pocketed by the unscrupulous employee. Our system immediately detects and reports any such event.
  • Our software by default ensures that many features are protected and is only accessible by the shop owner. These security measures are completely customizable to prevent losses.
  • Our reports have been designed by our team with over 100 years of experience in the auto repair industry. You can generate an estimated profit or loss statement (up to 99% accuracy) within seconds of the end of the week or month. Therefore, you are always aware of your profit and loss situation.
  • Our system allows you to send marketing emails to your customer base for either maintenance service reminders or even reminders for maintenance recommendations you made the last time you serviced that customer’s car. You also have the choice of sending the reminders by post card or letter if you choose not to send by e-mail.
  • Worry free backups. As long as you have a PC with internet access you have access to your customer’s data. Zero down-time or data losses or a need for daily backups. We’ve got that covered so you can focus on your business.
  • If you lose your connection to the internet, you are still able to write up and cash-out customers until your connection is restored.
  • State-of-the-art technology allows you to access your data securely from any remote computer simply through a web browser. As long you are online you will have access to your data.
  • Unlike our competitors, we don’t require that you purchase expensive multiple licenses for each additional computer in your shop. You can have as many PCs in your location as you need to view and update your invoices.
  • Have your customer history always at your fingertips.
  • Credit card processing built into the software with one of the most competitive rates to securely process credit cards or debit card transactions.
  • No need for long-term contracts. Month- to-Month. You may cancel at anytime.
  • Free technical support and training over the web.


Invoice Module that generates computerized invoices and inspection forms.

  • Fastest and most practical way to write up and cash out your customers.
  • Most powerful set of role-defined permission for loss-prevention for shop owners with one or multiple locations.
  • Customizable checkboxes to create your own service packages for faster service selection.
  • Allows you to enter recommendations for each invoice and use these recommendations for marketing purposes or customer history look up.
  • Ability to log in as much detail as required regarding the repairs.
  • Keeps an automatic log of all activities on the customer’s invoice which is only viewable by the owner. These logs can be cleared by the owner.
  • Oil capacities and viscosities and cautionary notes for most vehicles from the 1980’s to the most recent makes and models.
  • Search capabilities to easily locate any customer by many different criteria.
Auto Repair Invoice Software

Start improving operations with our integrated CARFAX QuickVIN.

  • Save time on every vehicle check-in by automatically retrieving the VIN, Year, Make, Model & Engine Size using the vehicle's License Plate Number.
  • Perform more accurate parts lookup & reduce costly errors when ordering parts with the VIN number.

Access to every vehicle's entire CARFAX Service History, including first time customers.

  • Make better service recommendations by quickly identifying unperformed maintenance during check-in.
  • Build customer confidence with trusted information from CARFAX.
  • Increase ticket average by turning your technicians into trusted advisors with the power of CARFAX data.
Auto Repair Expenses Software


  • Most efficient way to enter all your business expenses.
  • Set of very unique features to estimate your profitability by entering outside part purchases.
  • Keep track of all your bulk oil and part purchases.

Fleet Accounts

  • Keep track of all of your fleet customers.
  • Quickly create fleet statements for billing purposes.
  • Apply full or partial payments to fleet accounts.
Automotive Fleet Management Software
Automotive Vendor Maintenance Software

Vendor Maintenance

  • Quick access to all your vendors.
  • View and track purchases.

Inventory Control

  • Full inventory control based on first in, first out.
  • Quickly generate orders for any vendor based on existing stock inventory.
  • See what parts are sold the most and adjust your orders based on your usage history.
  • Quickly match and adjust your inventory based on your actual stock parts.
Auto Repair Shop Inventory Management Software


Reports menu required by your bookkeeper as well as management reports to allow you to track and improve your business’ performance.

  • Set of very unique reports based on years of combined experience of multiple franchise owners and suggestions of our existing customers. We are always open to your ideas.
  • Reports to assist you in which areas around your location to focus your advertising funds.
  • Track your customers from the zip codes they are coming from.
  • Track the coupons and marketing source of all customers, thus allowing you to determine which marketing works best for your business.
  • Reports to show you which items are being sold the most and which items require more attention.
  • Simple but sophisticated management reports to summarize your profitability.
  • See which advertising or marketing is working best for you.
  • Estimated profit and loss statement that can be generated within seconds of the end of the week or month and, with 99% accuracy.
  • Employee productivity reports.
  • Loss prevention reports such as an Invoice Modification Report, which provides you with detailed information such as the time and date of each modification for any given invoice. These logs can only be deleted by the owner.
  • And much more…

Why does this software pay for itself more than 20 times over?

When you lease the software from us, you automatically at no charge become entitled to participate in our buying group with marketing companies,
parts companies, and oil companies we have developed relationships with.

This buying group power can save you over $2,000 a month making the $120 a month you pay for the software free plus puts money in your pocket. Some examples of these buying group relationships are;

Valassis. Marketing company that can mail inserts to your customers’ mail box within any range or zip codes you select. Normally an independent store would pay about $42 per thousand to Valassis for a two sided, 4 color, larger than half size glossy insert. With our group, you will pay about $25 per thousand resulting in savings of $17 per thousand. Most businesses mail 15K coupons a week and thus you can save $255 each week, which is $900 savings a month just on this supplier.

AutoZone. Autozone will allow you to participate in our program that will give you Diamond Pricing (the lowest price AutoZone provides to large chains like Firestone) plus give you up to a 5% rebate if you order online. This program can easily save you $500 a week, which will save you about $2,000 a month on this relationship.

Many other relationships will also generate you additional savings. These group buying power savings plus the additional benefits of the software will make you realize that your net cost of the software is zero and you will actually general $1000s in additional profits by using our software.

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