What Our Clients Say


I recently purchased a subscription to UnivSoftware’s Auto Repair Management software and it has truly exceeded my expectations. From the moment I signed up, the service has been smooth and seamless. Even though I was initially nervous about using a new system, the software's intuitive design made everything a breeze. One of my favorite features is the ability to keep track of the service history for each vehicle. It makes it incredibly easy to keep track of what was done and when, allowing me to maintain accurate records.

Alan, Los Angeles, California

I found ARM to be an excellent auto repair management software for businesses in the auto maintenance industry. The software’s built-in inventory management system has helped me keep track of all my parts, so I don’t run out of stock. The support team has also been incredibly responsive, providing prompt and helpful solutions to any issues I've encountered along the way.


I’m so glad I invested in a subscription to this auto repair management software. Auto Repair Manager has made my life as a business owner much easier. I was previously using a paper and pen system, which was disorganized and led to a lot of missed appointments and inaccurate records. Since switching to this software, my business has become much more efficient and professional.

Andrew, Houston,Texas

I would highly recommend this auto repair management software to anyone looking to increase their business's efficiency and professionalism. The software's digital inspection system has been a game-changer for me. Using this, my technicians can easily send vehicle inspections to our customers from a mobile device. It's also useful for my customers as they can conveniently track their vehicle diagnoses and repairs. The software has saved me time and money, allowing me to focus on servicing my customers and growing my business. Brian, Tampa, Florida

Brian, Tampa, Florida

Finally, we have an auto repair management software at an affordable price. The best part is, as a customer, I did not have to purchase any hardware or pay exorbitant up-front fees. There is no long-term contract obligation either. As a business owner, it’s extremely convenient to be able to sign up for UnivSoftware’s auto repair shop management software on a monthly basis.

I also love the access to a mobile app. From vehicle check-ins to generating estimates or adding notes and photos to digital inspections, the auto shop management mobile app lets you do it all.

Eric, Las Vegas, Nevada

As a long-time customer of UnivSoftware’s Auto Repair Manager (ARM) software, here are my top three reasons why I highly recommend that automotive businesses invest in this software.

  1. secure web server enables remote access to your business data from anywhere.
  2. Multi-level password protection ensures high-level security for tasks like voiding invoices or printing sensitive management reports.
  3. Access to national pricing with parts suppliers such as AutoZone and the opportunity to get rebates on your purchases!

Jack, Denver, Colorado

UnivSoftware’s auto repair management ARM software is extremely easy to use and the customer support team is quick to address any questions or concerns. The best part of this auto repair management software is that it lets you generate estimates in minutes. You can obtain digital approvals with e-signatures, calculate your profit for each job and protect your margins. The software has helped me significantly streamline my auto business’ operations and has let me handle higher order values.

Garry, Seattle, Washington

I can confidently say that ARM, UnivSoftware’s auto repair management software, has transformed the way I run my automotive repair business. One of the standout features of this software is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. The system is incredibly easy to navigate, allowing me to automate tasks such as appointment scheduling, inventory management, and client communication with just a few clicks. I recommend it to my business associates

Phil, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The auto repair management software from UnivSoftware has a comprehensive set of tools to streamline the billing process - one of the main reasons I invested in this software. Generating accurate invoices is now hassle-free, cutting down on human error and saving me precious time. Additionally, the software provides detailed reports and analytics, which gives me valuable insights into the performance of my business and helps me make better business decisions.

Matt, Cincinnati,Ohio

Earlier, I struggled to manage my shop efficiently due to numerous manual processes. The software has completely transformed the way I conduct my business, saving me time and money. I can now easily schedule appointments, manage inventory, track expenses, and handle invoicing all in one place. This has not only streamlined my operations, but it has also allowed me to serve my customers more effectively. The ARM software package also provides detailed reports, which help me make strategic decisions and predict future growth opportunities.

Mike, Illinois, Chicago

A Total Game Changer for My Shop's Efficiency

As the owner of a busy auto repair shop, I cannot express enough how much time and money the Auto Repair Manager has saved my business. The digital inspection process has been an absolute game-changer.

Instead of jotting down notes on a paper form and taking photos with a separate camera, I can now document issues right on my tablet or phone as I inspect a vehicle. The ability to embed photos and videos directly into each work order and map them to problems identified makes explaining repair recommendations a breeze.

This has led to a massive boost in maintenance plan and repair service sales. Customers have a much clearer picture of the problems and are far more likely to approve the recommendations. The visuals build tremendous trust and credibility.

On top of that, the inspection process is so much faster. I've cut the inspection time in half now that I don't have to juggle various devices and paperwork. That time savings really starts to add up when you're inspecting 10+ vehicles a day!

Auto Repair Manager absolutely delivers when it comes to streamlining inspections and increasing sales. Every auto shop owner should take advantage of the digital tools that come with an inspection module designed specifically for the needs of the automotive industry. This software has been invaluable for growing my business.

Aly Esmail from Xpress Auto in Westminster, CA

As the manager of a busy auto repair shop, I'm thrilled I made the switch to Auto Repair Manager. This software makes writing up customers so fast - I can now complete a full invoice or estimate in under a minute!

The interface is really intuitive and easy to navigate. I like how all the features I need are laid out on one screen. The digital inspections allow me to quickly note any issues and add photos from my tablet right in the work order. No more paper forms slowing me down.

I also really appreciate that there's no per user fee. I have 3 technicians and with other shop management software I'd be paying almost triple. But Auto Repair Manager is one flat monthly fee regardless of number of users. Such a money saver!

Overall, this software has made my shop much more efficient and organized. I tell all my auto shop owner friends that Auto Repair Manager is an absolute must-have for simplifying and speeding up the day-to-day workflow. I wish I had switched over sooner!

Blanca Ysais

I am the president of the franchisor of a chain of automotive stores. After testing the Auto Repair Manager© at one of our locations, we made the software the only recommended software for all of our franchisees. We believed in the software so much, that we paid for the software for all of our franchisees’ locations and provided it to the franchisees as it was our opinion that the benefits of the software would make our franchisees more profitable.

The software actually allows you to operate every operational part of your business better including documentation, management reports, marketing, and employee management.

Mr. Ray Rehman

I am an owner of two locations of auto fast lube and brake businesses. What I loved about this software was USSI did not require me to pay thousands of dollars for hardware or for upfront software fees. They did not tie me up to a long term contract.

They told me that if the software did not work for me, they did not want to force me to remain a client due to a long term contract. That was five years ago and I am still a client of theirs. I cannot imagine running my business without the Auto Repair Manager©.

Ms. Ortega

ARM’s password protection provides me with the security that no one can delete any final invoices at my store when I am not there as I am the only one with the super password. Looking up customer history is a snap. This program increased the professionalism and profitability of my business to a point where it paid for the monthly software fee at least a hundred times over each month.

Mr. Ancona

I first learned of the ARM software from a friend of mine who owned a franchise business. When I saw the ease of use and the reports generated by the software not to mention the marketing tools that were available, I rented the software for all of my independent shops.

Mr. Cornejo

My favorite feature of the software is that I can generate an estimated profit statement on the spot which allows me to analyze and improve my business each week.

Mr. Panchal.