What Our Clients Say



I am the president of the franchisor of a chain of automotive stores. After testing the Auto Repair Manager at one of our locations, we made the software the only recommended software for all of our franchisees. We believed in the software so much, that we paid for the software for all of our franchisees’ locations and provided it to the franchisees as it was our opinion that the benefits of the software would make our franchisees more profitable. The software actually allows you to operate every operational part of your business better including documentation, management reports, marketing, and employee management.

Mr. Ray Rehman

I am an owner of two locations of auto fast lube and brake businesses. What I loved about this software was USSI did not require me to pay thousands of dollars for hardware or for upfront software fees. They did not tie me up to a long term contract. They told me that if the software did not work for me, they did not want to force me to remain a client due to a long term contract. That was five years ago and I am still a client of theirs. I cannot imagine running my business without the Auto Repair Manager.

Ms. Ortega

ARM’s password protection provides me with the security that no one can delete any final invoices at my store when I am not there as I am the only one with the super password. Looking up customer history is a snap. This program increased the professionalism and profitability of my business to a point where it paid for the monthly software fee at least a hundred times over each month

Mr. Ancona

I first learned of the ARM software from a friend of mine who owned a franchise business. When I saw the ease of use and the reports generated by the software not to mention the marketing tools that were available, I rented the software for all of my independent shops.

Mr. Cornejo

My favorite feature of the software is that I can generate an estimated profit statement on the spot which allows me to analyze and improve my business each week.

Mr. Panchal.